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This wiki is the portal for teacher development and professional learning at THINK Global School. It is designed to be a place to share resources and also to collaborate on learning tasks. It will be a place where ideas, drafts, finished products and conversations come together as we explore what it means to be a connected, communicative, collaborative and creative learners.
This wiki is to be used in conjunction with the THINK Beyond teacher group on SPOT community.

Boston - February 25 - March 2, 2013

Aims for the week:

  • Introduce ideas for what it means to be a 21st Century learner/educator
  • Review the four 'C's' and focus on Connection and Communication
  • Each teacher start to build or extend their Personal Learning Network (PLN) and their professional online portfolio for further teacher development, evaluation and branding - essential tools and methods
  • Establish a learning community (offline and online) amongst TGS teachers and staff using SPOT and the THINK Beyond group
  • Work together as a plenary, then as smaller breakout groups during the week and include opportunities for follow-up sessions at different levels and for different curriculum needs across the school

Three-hour schedule for plenary workshop

Things to READ and DO: Introduction

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