Introduction to Think Beyond - Teacher Development at TGS

Think of this as the start of a new adventure, an adventure into connected and collaborative learning using online and Web 2.0 tools. Do NOT think of this as a one-off week, or a one-off workshop that can be ignored or discarded at the end. This professional development opportunity will be the start of new ways of working with colleagues and students - near and far! You are encouraged to open your mind and open your heart to new ideas and new ways of learning and sharing.
DLE Wordle
Key words to build a Digital Learning Environment

Workshop Monday Feb 25

3-hour after school hands-on workshop
  • Specific Outcomes
    • Come to a shared vision of what teaching and learning at TGS looks like and could look like when connected educators use technology to support this
    • Review of Connection and Communication - two of the constructs of being a 21C learner
    • Develop skills for connecting and communicating using asynchronous methods, with a focus on Spot - THINK Beyond to support and extend the TGS teaching and support staff
    • Workshop PLN development and essential tools for connecting and communicating, including:
      • Blogs and blogging
      • Social bookmarking
      • RSS - Pull technologies
      • Twitter
    • Workshop professional portfolio development, with a focus on reflection and sharing - exploration of what other educators are doing, define essential tools and platforms, teachers explore and extend or initiate a portfolio/blog/wiki/Google site or other Web 2.0 tools to create an online presence
  • Three-hour schedule for plenary workshop

Sessions Tuesday Feb 26 - Friday Mar 1

Individual or small group sessions scheduled. Can be on any topic, but this is a chance to focus on technology infused curriculum development this semester in Boston and how Julie can support this.

Sessions Saturday Mar 2

1-2 hour follow up workshops in groups customized for individual skill level. Possible topics include:
  • Further Web 2.0 PLN development (Adopting, Adapting or Transforming levels)
  • Setting up a blog and blogging - (Nuts and bolts)
  • More Professional Online Portfolio development (Further ideas and support to develop a portfolio and link with use of Web 2.0 as a connected educator)
  • THINK Beyond and Spot LMS - (Best practice use of this essential and useful TGS tool)
  • Wiki development - (Use of wikispaces and/or Google sites for local and/or global curriculum projects)
  • Connecting with the world - global pedagogy and global projects (for those who are ready to do more this semester!)
  • Your choice! What do you want to spend an hour doing and learning together?

Getting Started

Before we start, let's settle into our places and spaces: THINK Beyond Digital Learning Wallwisher.png
  • Join THIS WIKI. You will need a account (will be useful in the future!), then once logged in request to join this wiki
  • Join THINK Beyond on Spot - for ongoing reflection and interaction as of now
  • Respond to the Wall Wisherbelow and share your ideas! Double click anywhere to open a new window. Copy and paste this: 'My digital life is like....., because..... and I wish I improve teaching and learning at TGS' and fill in the blanks or share other ideas as you wish!