Student Online/Digital Portfolios at TGS

Some ideas for rationale and purpose.
Some initial resources to consider using.

Digital Portfolios Workshop

What is a digital portfolio?

  • A 'student' online or digital or 'e' portfolio is a lifelong process, not an assignment
  • It is something that will not only be used and supported during time at school, but should be transformed into a professional portfolio for later challenges in life, including university admission and employment
  • It is a learner-driven collection of digital objects demonstrating evidence of learning, including achievements and experiences
  • Provides for a structured way of sharing learning experiences using a range of multimedia tools
  • It is about showcasing learning - NOT about showcasing artifacts that receive high grades or marks from a teacher
  • It is about reflection and meta-cognition to do with learning - De Bono's blue hat - thinking about thinking
  • Evidence of informal learning as well as / rather than formal education

Students must have ownership of their portfolios, and be intrinsically motivated:
  • Autonomy: Students will have control of their portfolios within TGS guidelines
  • Mastery: Students will become masters at using the technology and at portfolio development
  • Purpose: To explore their passion for learning and share and reflect on this, and to align with personal goal setting

The Essential Question

What processes are best to guide students, teachers and schools as they develop portfolios to showcase process and achievement in learning?

The Challenge

Design a portfolio process that will truly guide students through defining their Educational/Professional Identity and will also be sustainable as they grow socially, emotionally and academically.

Guiding Inquiry

What current trends exist within schools regarding portfolios?
What are the educational benefits of portfolios?
What are the different ways to organize student portfolios in order to enhance the reflection and learning process?
What are some of the pitfalls of current digital portfolio processes?
What is the relationship between portfolio development and student-led conferences?
Investigate school expectations, teacher expectations, roles of the portfolio, tools and examples of e-portfolios

Further Considerations

  • Identity - 'Brand of Me' - Workshop/curriculum/process of establishing and sharing identity through a digital portfolio
  • Organisation- What will be the organising structure of the portfolio? Student or school determined? Examples of ways to guide portfolio organisation and sustainability
    • NETS.S
    • Areas of Awareness - IBO
    • Subject-based
    • Learner profile - IBO
  • Technology - What tools best support portfolio development? Can these then be sustained once a student leaves TGS? Does this matter or affect decisions made while students are at school?
  • Curriculum integration - How can teachers support student portfolio development across the curriculum?
  • ‚ÄčAudience‚Äč - Moving student work from 'good enough' for their teacher, to 'good' for a global audience

Portfolios for Assessment

Student-Led Conferences


A brief list.....
  • Blogging and portfolio development -, wordpress, edublogs
  • Website development - weebly, posturous, wordpress,
  • Branding -,