Student Digital Portfolios at THINK Global School

Workshop activity - Discuss the following outline and leave comments via the discussion tab


  • Student portfolios will share learning artifacts and reflections that show learning and progress while at TGS
  • They will be global and open to all to view
  • They will be used for Student-led conferences and qualitative assessment
  • They may be used for university entrance


  • Students are given a choice of software platforms
  • They will include artifacts and reflections according to student choice and teacher guidance
  • They will have other different elements included according to general criteria


  • Students make final decisions about portfolio design and content
  • Portfolios are not built within Spot or on another TGS platform


  • Design is by student choice and can include a metaphor approach
  • Every subject area must be represented in some form
    • Subject-based assignments
    • Thematic work
    • Interdisciplinary
  • Non-academic experiences must be represented in some form


Rubric for portfolio evaluation
  • Is this suitable for TGS at all?
  • How would you modify it?
  • Is a rubric necessary?