Web 2.0 Toolbox - Current tools for Collaboration and Networking

'Introducing the Book' - share your experiences with new technology

Activity 1 - Evaluating a new Web 2.0 Tool

Choose ONE of these tools and in pairs explore it and evaluate it for use in your classroom:

Further questions:
  • Is this tool standalone or collaborative (individual or group work)?
  • Does it allow you to connect with others beyond your class?
  • What OTHER tools or skills are needed to fully utilize this tool?
  • What devices is this tool available on? Is there an iPhone or iPad app?
  • How easy it to get signed up and logged in? Especially important if doing using the tool for an in-class exercise.

Activity 2 - Finding the Fun Web 2 Kung Fu

  • Choose a Web 2.0 tool(s) you have used in the past and really like OR one you discovered today and think TGS should invest time (and maybe money - yes many Web 2.0 tools are free but the 'pro' version often gives added worthwhile benefits) into implementing. You may find Cool Tools for Schools a useful resource for new tools.

    Screen Shot 2013-02-27 at 12.22.48 AM.png

  • You will have ONE minute to pitch that tool to another person and convince them it is worth using

Web 2 Kung Fu - Write on the wall and share your tools!